About Us

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Fairhaven Farm is a charming 50 acre fruit farm run by Marsha Anklam and David Macgregor in Fairhaven, MN, located 20 min south of St. Cloud. Marsha Anklam bought what was then 50 acres of corn over 30 years ago, with hopes of transforming it into a fruit farm. It began with small patches of raspberries, strawberries, and blueberries, until Marsha met a grape breeder four miles south on Lake Sylvia, David Macgregor, and they soon combined forces to introduce apples, cherries, grapes, plums, and pears to the farm.

Over the years, Fairhaven Farm has evolved into a multi-dimensional farm, which invites the public to join us in enjoying the beautiful place the farm has become. Fifteen years ago we converted our old Yankee barn into a shop, shortly after we added a commercial kitchen, and roughly five years ago we’ve combined forces with David’s sister, owner and chef at Cottage Gourmets, Barb Westman to host a variety of events from weddings to our monthly farm dinners. 


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Our emphasis is on apples, however we also produce strawberries, raspberries, pears, plums, grapes and much more. Our strawberries are available some time between mid June and early July depending on the season. Our field are primarily run as pick your own but pre-picked berries are available at the Annandale Farmers Market on Saturday mornings (though make sure you get there early!). We are open almost daily for picking from 8 AM to 10 AM or until picked out, however each day is different depending on the amount of fruit int he field so make sure you always call before you plan your trip. Our raspberries are all available through pick-your-own, . We feature fall-bearing raspberry varieties, Caroline, and Autumn Bliss. You are welcome to bring your own containers, or use our provided pint size containers. Raspberries are looking especially fantastic this year! We can grow pears in Minnesota! Pre-picked. 4 varieties are available beginning in August and going through October. Early: Summercrisp Later: Luscious, Gourmet, and Patton. Plums are available pre-picked. 2 varieties available from late August to mid September, Toka and Alderman. We have 2 acres of our grape crop available for U-Pick, at $1.25/lb. Our vineyard contains a multitude of varieties, including ones that are best for eating, jellies and wine. U-Pick grapes is a fun and unique activities for either individuals or families.

Fairhaven Farm is also a family destination in the Fall when we have our u-pick pumpkin patch, themed corn maze, delicious baked goods, and horse drawn hayrides. Marsha’s apple pies draws people from far and wide, and available baked on the weekends and frozen all season long. Every year the corn maze has a different theme, the past has included Arthur, Dr. Seuss, Hugo, and Harry Potter.

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