Fall Delight

We now have Honeycrisp on the shelves and the crop looks wonderful.   Intensity another one of Fairhaven Farm’s own apples is being picked.  This is for those who like a little tarter apple, it has the crispness of Honeycrisp with the tartness of Haralson.  Also available are Autumn Blush, Zestar, Kindercrisp, Ginger Gold and Chestnut Crab.

You may pick your own grapes, raspberries and pumpkins now.  Our grapes look very nice this year,just to walk though the vineyard will put a smile on your face.   And the pumpkin patch will surely excite the young ones.

Come out to the farm and delight in Fall.

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One thought on “Fall Delight

  1. David, the new intensity variety is fabulous! Melissa loved her less tart Kindercrisp. To that culinary artist who made our still-warm apple pie, we raced home and ate it for breakfast (our annual tradition). We salute your kitchen talents. Thanks for a great fall kickoff. the Barkleys

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