A Parallel World

For those of you who do not know, I have been living in a near parallel life in New York’s Hudson Valley. I still live a bike ride away from Annandale, and a 20 minute car ride from Kingston. Tractors on the road still prevent me from getting to school on time, and every once in a while I even see a corn field. But the aspect of life in the Hudson Valley that mirrors home most for me is working at a farm stand beloved by the surrounding community. This is my second season working for Doug and Talea Taylor at the Montgomery Place Orchards farm stand in Red Hook, NY, a wayside stand off a county road selling Imageeverything from bok choy, peaches, local cheese and emu eggs. The farm itself is located on the historic property of the Montgomery Place mansion with a view overlooking the Hudson river. Everyone from self-defined red necks to world class fashion photographers stop at the farm stand, introducing me to the full spectrum of Hudson Valley life. I spend most of my time there sorting through fruit and eating my weight in apples. I encourage you all to browse through their website see what’s possible in the world of farm markets. Montgomery Place Orchards and Fairhaven Farm are very different establishments, in two very different cultural-geographic locations, but each can influence and build off one another. 


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