A Beautiful Season

The season is almost in full gear now.  The Maze is now open with Charlotte’s Web as this year’s theme, and lots of pumpkins and gourds are around the barn with even more beautiful ones available for you out in the field. How do we know fall is really here? Well, even the squash has been harvested and available for purchase!

With the cool air coming through varieties of apples are ripening fast. Although it’s still a little early, we will have some of the much anticipated Honeycrisp apples available, however they are a little tart yet so we haven’t pick many. We recommend passing the time with our very own Intensity apple which is ripe and looking very pretty this year. Other apple varieties available include Kinderkrisp, Zestar!, Chestnut Crab and Autumn Blush.

We will have a limited amount of pick your own this weekend in the Zestar! apples. There are also still raspberries for picking and of course pumpkins. There is not picking grapes this year because the crop was badly hurt by the past winter.

Lou making friends with the chickens

Lou making friends with the chickens


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