Our One of a Kind Apple Varieties: Intesity

Intensity is one of several new apples that have been developed at Fairhaven Farm by co owner David Macgregor. New apple varieties are created by planting the seeds of existing varieties. In general, very few of these seedling trees will have worthwhile apples but the Honeycrisp variety has proven unusually capable of gifting its progeny with some of its own outstanding characteristics. Intensity has a good deal of Honeycrisp’s explosive texture and clean applly flavor but combined with a sprightly amount of acidity. Or, the crispness of Honeycrisp and the tartness of Haralson. Intensity ripens slightly ahead of Honeycrisp and stores in good condition well into winter with the acidity gradually mellowing. Last year was the first year we had a good crop of Intensity and it was a big hit with customers preferring apples with a little zing. This year the crop is down and we will sell out sooner than we would like so grab them while you can!







This week we’re featuring several great activities for the family. Horse drawn wagon rides will take place in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. Harvest season is here and you and your loved ones can participate! Haralson apples, great big pumpkins, and ripe raspberries are all available for pick-your-own. The Charlotte’s Web corn maze is also a great activity for the family. Finally, winter squash has arrived. Come join us this weekend for family fun and good food!

DSC01140 DSC01109

2 thoughts on “Our One of a Kind Apple Varieties: Intesity

  1. The Haralsons are phenomenal, and the Luscious pears are a reminder I need to try to plant pears again – delicious! After three years in a row I think its safe to say a visit to Fairhaven is an Autumn tradition!

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