The 2014 Season’s End

The wood burning stove is hard at work, and we’re taking a lot of time these days to sit nearby and watch the fire flicker. The dogs are already restless in the house, staring longingly at the front door, or at our distracted faces hoping to get a good belly rub in before the day’s third nap. In fact, we’re all feeling a little cooped up, but excess energy can be bottled up and saved for the beginning of next season right? That what they mean by farm preserves? Maybe that’s a bit of wishful thinking, but something has to get a Minnesotan through the winter. Well, until the outdoors thaw we’ll continue reading fiction by the fire, pruning apple trees, spending too much time watching Tai Chi youtube videos, and making jam in the barn kitchen. Believe it or not Marsha is actually taking a vacation to Ecuador in February!

Thank you for another wonderful season, and we look forward to sharing the next one with you.

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