KinderKrisp, U-Pick Raspberries, and Corn Maze


credit: Helen Rosner

credit: Helen Rosner

The time has come. Many of you have been asking me when our KinderKrisp apples will be available and the answer is NEXT WEEKEND, that being the first weekend of September. We will have bags available in our retail shop and at the Annandale Farmers Market. For those who are not familiar, KinderKrisp is an apple variety developed by Fairhaven Farm owner/operator David Macgregor. You may know David as the slightly disheveled, eccentric guy that drives the tractor between the orchard and barn, and who may resemble Beatrix Potter’s Mr.McGregor character at times. David first got involved in the fruit business when he was breeding grapes in his teenage years. Since then, he has moved onto breeding new varieties of apples that we are excited to offer at our farm. KinderKrisp is our most popular apple, with a wonderful sweet-tart flavor, and a crisp texture reminiscent of Honeycrisp. It’s the perfect size for kids’ lunchbox.

You can read more about KinderKrisp here in an article featured in gourmet food magazine, Saveur.

U-Pick Raspberries

IMG_4043I’ve also been receiving dozens of inquiries about U-Pick raspberries just about anytime I leave the farm. I’m happy to announce that the patch will be open Labor Day weekend. Show up to pick any day between 10 am and 6pm. Enter through the barn and someone will instruct you on where and how to pick. We charge by the pound, and please bring your own containers.

Corn Maze

IMG_3386I’ve been pretending I’m a studio arts major these past few weeks, while designing and painting the characters for this year’s corn maze. What book series includes rabbits, frogs, ducks, kittens, and a grumpy old man? This year’s theme: The wonderful world of Peter Rabbit and friends created by writer and illustrator Beatrix Potter. If you live anywhere in central Minnesota you’ll know that this summer’s rain has encourage the corn to grow taller than we’ve seen in years. You’re not going to be able to see over any corn stalks this year!

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