Apples at the farm

We’re all thankful the temperature has cooled, and more importantly that the humidity shrunk down to nil. When the humidity is high it can feel nearly twice as bad in the orchard. Dave and Peter returned with bins of apples and soaked t-shirts. But like Peter kept saying all last week, “I don’t mind picking in the Fall, but this doesn’t feel like Fall,” and now it’s starting to feel more like the seasons really are in the midst of change.

And as the humidity drops, the apple cooler fills. We’ve doubled the amount of varieties available from the end of August. We now have Zestar, 1837, Autumn Blush, Ginger Gold, Chestnut Crab, and three of our own varieties, KinderKrisp, Peachy Keen, and Shizam. Shizam is one of our newest additions. It’s tall and narrow as far as apples go, with a hard, dense texture, low acidity, and a flavor reminiscent of that evanescence one finds in Sweet Sixteen and Keepsake. It is certainly one of my apples of choice. The other apple I will advocate for is the Chestnut Crab, which is not one of our own varieties, but good nonetheless. This is not your grandmother’s crab apple. Don’t send her just to make jelly with them. These are beautiful orangy red apples, with a a satisfying crunch, sweet honey-like flavor, and the perfect size for kids (or adults) who have a hard time finishing a whole apple. This apple is also my personal favorite for cider.

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