Farming Practices

Minnesota Grown Logo

Minnesota Grown Logo

In an age of a slow economy, and rapidly decreasing family farms, it’s important to support local agriculture. Keep Central Minnesota’s agricultural tradition alive!

Fairhaven Farm is not only a local choice, but an environmentally conscious choice! We practice what is called Integrated Pest Management. I.P.M. is a farming practice developed by the Cornell University Extension Agency  for scouting pests in the orchard, and using cultural practices to keep them below damaging levels. As the I.P.M. website states,

IPM helps you deal with pests—insects, plant diseases, weeds, and more—with methods that help keep health and environmental risks as low as possible  … IPM is integrated because it brings together, or integrates, a range of biological, organic, cultural, mechanical, and chemical options for pest problems. And it’s about management because you can only manage pests—you can’t eliminate them, no matter what people say.

-Cornell University Extension Agency

Growing quality, healthy, and safe produce is our first priority. For more information on I.P.M. practices visit the Cornell Extension website here. If you have further questions about our farming practices, please feel free to speak to David or Marsha at the farm.

3 thoughts on “Farming Practices

  1. We got married at Fairhaven Farm about a month ago! From the moment we arrived our whole day was was magical!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU TO AN AWESOME WORKING FARM!! It was truly the dream come true of our wedding and the staff at cottage gourmet did an exceptional jon serving our quests!!!

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