It’s all happening! Opening day at Fairhaven Farm, tomorrow!

The day has come, or is soon to come. We’ll be officially opening our farm store TOMORROW, August 19th, for self serve. The cooler will be stocked with bags of Zestar!, State Fair, and 1837 apples, as well as Summercrisp pears. We also have our wide variety of jams available to purchase, and apple pies will be available by the weekend.


Some questions you may have:

1.) What are these apple varieties like?

Zestar! has what we like to call a sweet-tart combination, known for possessing a very well balanced flavor. It’s good for eating, and especially good for pie. These apples will keep in the fridge for up to a month!

State Fair’s soft texture and short storage life makes it a great baking apple. Some people swear by it as a fantastic sauce maker. 

1837 is sometimes called the zestier Zestar! because it’s related to the well-known variety, but more tart. For all you Haralson or Granny Smith lovers out there, this is the apple for you in the early season.

2.) When will you be doing U-Pick raspberries?

There is no good answer for this question. In short, we’re not sure. Right now the fruit development is still picking up speed and we need the berries for our own purposes. We promise to announce here on the website, and on our answering machine, once the patch is ready for all of you. So don’t worry, you won’t miss it!

3.) When will the maze be open?

Hopefully by Labor Day weekend, though again, we’ll announce it on the website as soon we’ve determined the official date. 

4.) When will I be able to buy Kindercrisp apples?

We estimate we’ll begin picking Kindercrisp in a couple of weeks. Remember, all harvest dates are just estimations. We’ll do our best to predict the future, but it’s ultimately up to mother nature when fruit is ready for our eager stomachs.

5.) What are your hours?

The farm store is open everyday, 10am-6pm, for self-service. 

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Monticello Farmers Market


We’re excited to announce that we will be adding another farmers market to our farm schedule. Come find us in Monticello next to the library, on Thursday from 3:30 to 7. Throughout the season we will be bringing a variety of items such as jam, popcorn, apricots, plums, pears, apples, black raspberries, raspberries, and flower bouquets.

THIS WEEK AT THE MARKET: Jam (blackcap, black currant, grapefruit smoked salt, orange vanilla bean, tomato ginger jalapeño, cranberry grapefruit, and peach cardamom), Black Raspberries, and Flower Bouquets.

Hope to see you there

Summer at the Farm

We’re back! Working hard at the summer growing season, preparing good things for the fall. Lately we’ve been spending a lot of time weeding the pumping patch, thinning apple trees, and picking fruit for jam making. Crops are looking happy and healthy.

We won’t be opening the barn until labor day weekend, but do not fret, there are other ways to enjoy Fairhaven Farm. Come visit us at the Annandale Farmers Market on Saturday mornings from 8-12 in the town hall parking lot. Or check out our monthly farm dinners prepared Barb Westman of Cottage Gourmets!

The 2014 Season’s End

The wood burning stove is hard at work, and we’re taking a lot of time these days to sit nearby and watch the fire flicker. The dogs are already restless in the house, staring longingly at the front door, or at our distracted faces hoping to get a good belly rub in before the day’s third nap. In fact, we’re all feeling a little cooped up, but excess energy can be bottled up and saved for the beginning of next season right? That what they mean by farm preserves? Maybe that’s a bit of wishful thinking, but something has to get a Minnesotan through the winter. Well, until the outdoors thaw we’ll continue reading fiction by the fire, pruning apple trees, spending too much time watching Tai Chi youtube videos, and making jam in the barn kitchen. Believe it or not Marsha is actually taking a vacation to Ecuador in February!

Thank you for another wonderful season, and we look forward to sharing the next one with you.

Pie tasting


This weekend on Sunday Oct. 26, 1-4 Fairhaven Farm will feature it’s 2nd annual pie tasting.  We will again make pies from seven different apples or blends of apples and invite you to taste and vote for your favorite.  On of this years contestants will be made with Swiss Gourmet apples from New York state, sent to us  by our doughtier Marnie.

This weekend the Maze will be open and forecasted nice weather should enable another weekend of horse-drawn wagon rides in the afternoon.  Pumpkin sales have been very strong leaving only a small and probably short lived selection.  We still have a good selection of Zestar!, Honeycrisp, Haralson, Cortland, and Autumn Blush apples in the shop.  We plan to be open through Thnaksgiving.


Indian Summer

Wow! what a nice fall. This wonderful autumn weather is perfect for going to the orchard.  We still have lots of Haralson apples for you to pick and Honeycrisp to buy in the shop.  The horses are waiting to take you on a wagon ride and there is still time to wander though the “Charlotte’s Web” maze.

Next Sunday Oct. 26 we will be having our 2nd annual pie tasting.  You can help answer the question as to the best apple or apples for a pie.  Any suggestions?



DSC01173It’s no secret that Honeycrisp is a fantastic apple.  What may surprise consumers is that this variety is almost as notorious, amongst apple growers, as a difficult finicky apple to grow.  One of its shortcomings is unusual susceptibility to tree  trunk rot.  As one of the first orchards to jump on the Honeycrisp bandwagon, Fairhaven Farm was also one of the first orchards to suffer extensive tree loss in its original plantings.  This has led to new Honeycrisp plantings using some of the newest tree training systems and concepts.  Shown here is the first crop of Honeycrisp on triple trunked trees trained to the Tall Spindle training system.  A walk through the orchard at Fairhaven Farm reveals an intriguing array of different compact new plantings as we seek to find the ideal way to grow apples on our particular site.

Cool but sunny weekend should be perfect for a trip the the orchard. This weekend you can pick your own Haralson apples and the perfect pumpkin.  The horses will be ready to take on a wagon ride both afternoons and the maze is always good for a wander.

frost is in the air, it’s apple season

This weekend at the farm you can pick your own Haralson apples, find the perfect pumpkin in our field or go for a horse-drawn wagon ride.  Is there a better way to enjoy fall?  We also have a few raspberries yet to pick and the Charlotte’s Web Maze is open.

Our barn shop has all your favorite apples, Sweet 16, Honeycrisp, Kinderkrisp, Intensity, Haralson, Autumn Blush, Chestnut Crab and Cortland.  There are lots of pies and crisp, along with a with assortment of jam.

Horse-drawn hayrides

Horse-drawn hayrides

Our One of a Kind Apple Varieties: Intesity

Intensity is one of several new apples that have been developed at Fairhaven Farm by co owner David Macgregor. New apple varieties are created by planting the seeds of existing varieties. In general, very few of these seedling trees will have worthwhile apples but the Honeycrisp variety has proven unusually capable of gifting its progeny with some of its own outstanding characteristics. Intensity has a good deal of Honeycrisp’s explosive texture and clean applly flavor but combined with a sprightly amount of acidity. Or, the crispness of Honeycrisp and the tartness of Haralson. Intensity ripens slightly ahead of Honeycrisp and stores in good condition well into winter with the acidity gradually mellowing. Last year was the first year we had a good crop of Intensity and it was a big hit with customers preferring apples with a little zing. This year the crop is down and we will sell out sooner than we would like so grab them while you can!







This week we’re featuring several great activities for the family. Horse drawn wagon rides will take place in the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday. Harvest season is here and you and your loved ones can participate! Haralson apples, great big pumpkins, and ripe raspberries are all available for pick-your-own. The Charlotte’s Web corn maze is also a great activity for the family. Finally, winter squash has arrived. Come join us this weekend for family fun and good food!

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